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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The incredible shrinking grocery store

The grocery store may not be shrinking the products on the shelf certainly are. While the average American consumer may only notice a slight change in packaging , what's really changed is the size of what they're buying . I THOUGHT I had noticed the phenomena in my local grocery store with some cereal and yogurt brands , but I was (mistakenly) convinced that I couldn't possibly be right . This is the land of Supersizers , we don't SHRINK things , do we ? According to my local news broadcast , we do , everything is getting shrunken down except for the prices. We are now paying the same amount for slightly less, 1.5 ounces here, 3 ounces there , but it all adds up to taking more of the consumer's money for less. Well at least we're getting some shinny new pacakaging !
So if you weren't convinced before to try couponing , does this fleecing of your wallet convince you to go ahead and give it a try ? Afterall , the best revenge for having to pay MORE for something, is paying nothing at all !

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