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Friday, January 30, 2009

What could you buy with your grocery savings ?

With your current savings plan, you will save approximately
Your starting balance
Total deposits
Total interest earned
Total taxes paid
Your savings will grow to

Taken From Microsoft Savings Calculator

I don't know about your family , but in my household we buy a new car once every 5-7 years. Since I've been shaving my grocery bills by couponing I have an extra $60.00 a week( average) put back into my family budget . Using a savings calculator from MSN I deduced that I would have enough ( considering the trade in value of my used car ), in five years, to buy a brand new car.
By saving just 60.00 a week , in 5 years time there is alot you could buy too. Maybe you need
A new vehicle
to remodel your home
add to college savings
add to retirement savings
A second Honeymoon
Pay for a Wedding
A pool
Down payment on a home
ATV , a boat or RV
If you're my husband a Harley

There is a whole lot you can afford in 5 years by just taking a little extra time now to clip those coupons .

I streatched it out to 30 years , to see how much we would have when it was time to retire . Considering the economy and such , having a nice nest egg in 30 years is a good idea. From clipping coupons and saving that very little bit every week , by the time we are retired my husband and I could have at least $118,000.

I don't know about you but I'll take it !

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