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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where oh where have my coupons gone ??

Picture it , 8 am Sunday morning , cup of coffee , scissors, the Sunday newspaper, and my Couponizer . One crucial bit of this routine has been painfully absent for the last 2 weeks , the coupons. Where the h#%l are my coupons ?? In a panic on week two with an anorexically thin paper and a front page , top right corner ad reading $214 in coupon savings inside I call the news ...Oh well that means there are $214 in savings inside the customer service agent states , Um Where ??

She proceeds to tell me that it is for window treatments and restaurants , target and a couple others , but sorry no manufacturer's coupons . I'm highly irritated . She can't tell me either if there will be some in next weeks paper and i start to panic , I NEED those coupons !!

Refusing to be without a Couponizer chock full of potential freebies and good deals I break down, boot the old laptop and head straight to ebay ( well through Big Crumbs First because I never shop for anything without a discount !) . I type grocery coupons and make my purchase of 100 coupons crossing my fingers that I will get some actual coupons I can use , and I wait.

4 days later a plain white envelope arrives in the mail , so full of coupons it is literally bursting at the seams. I open it , anticipating disappointment . To my suprise it is packed with great coupons I can use that don't expire for a very long time , at least in the coupon world . So if your paper , like mine , is missing the coupons you too have come to rely upon I can safely vouch for at least 1 coupon seller on ebay ..but here are a couple words of advice for making sure you get the deals.

1. go through Big Crumbs ( and get a portion of the seller fee back as money)
2. only purchase clipped not printed coupons , and make sure the average expiration date of the coupons are available.
3. If you are going to order find sellers in 2 or 3 different regions of the country for a greater variety of coupons .
4. Dont spend too much and shipping should always be free or no more than the price of 2 stamps.

I was satisfied and my Couponizer is once again happily full of discounts ..I can stop sweating on Sunday morning now !

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