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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Worth the Money ?

Like Suze Orman's , Can I afford it segment poor Mom's Worth the Money ? segment will review a popular or unknown item that I've been presented with ( send in your questions) or I've come across and determine if it's truly "Worth the Money".

The Magic Jack

At first glance I thought HECK NO . Then I reconsidered . I personally have a home phone , which I need for my home alarm ( $15.99 /month) , no way around that . For me the addition of a Magic Jack would be solely for business . I have a Yahoo Phone in account for my business , which costs 2.99 every month and around .o1 cents a minute for the actual call .
Magic Jack Costs 36.00 to set up and 19.99 a year thereafter. All Calls are included . That works out to be 3.00 a month the first year and 1.66 a month for any subsequent years.

A few People have complained about phone call quality with Magic Jack , but fortuneatly there is a 30 day free trial to test the equipment and see how it works for you . Since this is VOIP technology you do need an internet connection ( which you probably already have if you are reading this ) so that really doesn't cost you any additional money.

To Compare

Home Phone 15.99 / month minutes included $191.88/ year

(Yahoo or Skype ) $2.99 / Month & 1 cent/ minute $35.88/ year $55.88 / Year if you use 200 minutes a month at 2.00

Magic Jack 3.00 / month $36.00
minutes included

So if you have a landline home phone , yahoo or skype , Magic Jack would save you

$155.88 over your home phone
$19.88 over Yahoo or Skype

So the verdict is , especially if you have but don't necessarily need a landline , or if you need an inexpensive business line Magic Jack IS Worth the Money !

You can start your Free trial at

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