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Saturday, February 28, 2009

You don't tug on Super Man's Cape ..

Looks like she's having a hard time figuring out what not to wear too !

You don't spit into the wind ( eeeww) , you don't pull the mask off an Old Lone Ranger and you DON'T tell a pregnant women she has a fat butt ...My DH must be getting a severe case of Dementia because he forgot the Cardinal Rule of husbanding , which is you never compare the ass of your pregnant wife to that of her 60 something mother who is way , way over weight ( sorry mom but you and I both know it's true) You may be wondering if Poor Mom is just ranting and raving , and how the heck does this apply to saving money ..well read on .

After the birth of my first baby , about 12 months after , I realized I was not going to fit into any of my size 2 clothes EVER again . Things had spread and shifted to the point of no return and settled into new and unsettling places on my body . So I reluctantly purged my closet of all size 2 and non-mom appropriate clothing ,since I don't live on Wisteria Lane and nobody wants to see a 30 year old with some FABULOUS new spider veins in a mini skirt . As I was culling the masses ( I have more clothes than the clearance rack at TJ Maxx) I discovered one glaring detail that I had never really picked up upon before , 60% of the clothes STILL had tags on them .

Now everyone has their favorite outfits and who doesn't LOVE a sale ..I loved sales so much that I couldn't resist plopping money down on clothes I never wore just to say I owned them . I also realized my closet was ( Is ) a mish mosh of "styles" , no one being MY style. I am a bit ecclectic by nature but if you laid ten outfits out, one not belonging to me , no one would be able to pick it out of a clothing line up.

This time around I am going to purge my closet again but do a couple things differently ( now that I am older , wiser, and have far less money )

1. I am NEVER going to Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls EVER AGAIN ! I am weak and cannot resist a "deal" on name brand clothing , I just can't.

2. I am going to decide on a style , or imitate someone elses , and stick to it . I will watch every episode of What Not To Wear and take notes when they get to a short , busty, hippy 30 something woman .. and I WILL follow the rules .

3. I am going to invest in pieces that are high quality , classic , and can be updated with accessories . They must also stick to a color palette so I can interchange them .

4. I am going to use coupons and discounts and I am actually going to try things on in the store . When I do go to the store it will be to buy specific pieces and not to browse ..browsing gets me into trouble. Not trying things on in the store also gets me into trouble because I get it home , hate it on, lose the receipt and never gets returned.

How do You look cute, have a style all your own and stay within your budget ?

Send a pic and 4 stylish ladies will win Avon's Super Shock Mascara !!!

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