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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The thrill of the hunt ...

I used to love Where's Waldo and Old Navy has peeked my interest with 2 of my favorite passtimes bargain hunting and coupon clipping with . If you are planning to make a purchase at old navy scoot on over to their site , hosted by the Dummies from their newest commercials. It is chock full of hidden printable coupons ( a la Where's Waldo) !

All you have to do is find the little something wrong with the picture and click on it ( if it will let you ) The best Coupon on the site is $75 off a hundred dollar purchase !!!! The coupons change weekly so start your bargain hunting early ..If you're strapped for time here are a couple locations of coupons to get you out the door and saving at Old Navy.

Middle Picture : Baby Duck Wing

Upper Right : Plane with Banner

Center - Girl with Yellow Headband

Bottom Center : Green Handbag strap

Top Center: Lipstick on teeth !! ( this is a GOOD one )

Keep Checking Back weekly for more Old Navy Website Cheats !

I also have 1 OLD NAvy 15% off coupon ..I'll send it to the 10th Person who signs up for my newsletter ( or the last ) . Offer ends Sunday 3/8/09 at 10am pacific .

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