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Friday, April 3, 2009

Frugal Friday - Green Gardening

I remember as a little girl my grandmother used to have a small garden in her back yard . She wasn't too concerned with size or variety of foods. She simply grew what she liked to eat most and a large sampling of different herbs that she cooked with . I don't think she ever bought a single herb at a grocery store and she was, quite possibly , the best cook to have ever lived . Maybe it was the fresh produce or the fresh herbs that earned her the title of best cook to have ever lived but whatever it was she was deffinitely GREEN before it was fashionable or cool to be so.

Since she was older , and not in the best physical shape , she also took into consideration what was easiest to grow . Now this was in New York folks , so LOTS of things grew there. Living in Las Vegas now , things are a bit more restrictive. I remember picking Flat Italian beans that grew up around the base of her trees along side Roma and Cherry tomatos. She loved Zucchini and grew that beside carrots, green peppers and the hands down tastiest cucumbers I've ever eaten. In the shade of her house was the herb garden with Mint, 2 kinds of Parsley, Chives, Basil , Oregano, Thyme and a couple other herbs I don't recall.

What was so green about this , and i'll be brief here, is that she did not have to go any further than her back yard to get what she needed. She also knew people who grew different things and would trade or be given what she wanted or needed ( sort of like a makeshift community garden) . If there was more of any one think that she couldn't use , she canned or froze it . With the herbs she dried them out and then froze them , and them pulverized them ( that was her proceedure , yours might be different) . So instead of going down the street to the grocer , go to your back yard and grow something . It will help the environment , your wallet, and it's a great family memory that , believe me sticks with you !

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