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Friday, April 17, 2009

Frugal Friday

It's frugal Friday , and I know some of you are wondering when i'm going to take that maternity leave I was talking about ...Not quite yet !
I found a Frugal Friday appropriate link and while i'll sit back and leave the frugal tips for this week up to one of my favorite mom coupon bloggers, Melissa Garcia from Consumer
Read her post on how to make everything from fabric Softener to window cleaner RIGHT HERE.

If You have any frugal tips , help me out and post them in the comments area below .

Now on to something totally unrelated to Frugal Friday ...Did you notice our tool bar ?
You can quickly and easily downlload this bar and look up coupons from all over the web , but in a far faster and more targeted way then just say typing "grocery coupons" into Aol, Yahoo, or any other search engine. I have included some of my favorite coupon websites and even have a FANTASTIC Spam , Cookie and Pop Up blocker ( we all know I hate SPAM ) for your added online safety !

So if you like looking up coupons without scrolling through tens of useless pages until you find what you're looking for ...Get the Tool Bar ! Just click on the banner to start your download !


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