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Saturday, June 13, 2009


While this blog will remain active as ever , I have put together a website as well ! If you are reading the blog by entering into your browser , you will land at the new website and NOT direcly on the blog. If you have the site bookmarked , nothing will change .

Website is up and running but will get some tweaks on almost a daily basis . Why did I add a PoorMom website ?

1. To put all the info you need in one , neat package .
2. To help pay for the contest and giveaways I am planning
3. To have a better jumping off point for updates and new things that develop to help us couponers on the WWW.
4. Fundraisers and sales of The Couponizer are easier to promote this way ( at least in my mind)

Please , please, PLEASE
stumble ( or similar ) the new site
tweet about the new site
and be Poor Mom's friend on Facebook

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Thanks for reading , and hope you like the new site .


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