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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IQ v Credit - You decide

Stop before you buy that generic bathroom cleaner ,massage or retreaded tires with plastic. According to AOL money big brother is watching and he thinks those purchases and a few others make you a poor credit risk. Aside from being a complete invasion of privacy , which the federal government is addressing with new legislation limiting the information Credit Card companies can gleen from your purchase history , it's a totally asenine practice.

For most of us "frugal" savers the whole point of buying generic and low cost is so we can pay off all those high interest rate cards and never have to rely on them in the future. If anything our penny pinching habits free up more of our inome to pay down debit and demonstrate financial responsibility.

I hate credit cards , period . I realize that you need them for certain things like car rentals , but mostly they are useless and at worst dangerous . For many people , when the going gets tough the tough get more credit , and that is a visciuos cycle of ever increasing debit usually ending in a bankruptcy. For some of us , however , we "get tough" by paring down our spending by buying generic , second hand, and in bulk ...and that's a credit NoNo.

See if you can shop Credit Smart at the interactive shopping cart link below ...hint charge .49 cent stamps it shows you're responsible. I guess my on time automated e-payments are doing nothing for my credit ..but it saves me $5.00 a month on stamps and the time to write out checks ( not to mention the $ of the checks themselves) , so .....who's smarter now ?

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