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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Von's Bargain Recipe

I need to clean out the pantry this week , so it's as good a time as any to intro one of my pantry cleaning cleaning secrets ..The Waste Watcher Pizza . Aside form using ingredients on hand , and letting nothing go to waste , this is an excellent way to hide veggies so your kiddos will eat them up . I am convinced anyone can eat anything if it comes in Pizza form !!

Pizza Dough Recipe Link ( in case you want to get rid of some flour :)

Waste Watcher Pizzas

Mac and Cheese Pizza

You can boil up odd and end pastas , add Cheese ( even some blue cheese dressing if there's a little left over in a bottle) . If you have a couple hot dogs ( or bologna , salami or ham) throw that on top too . I always seem to have a 1/4 bag of peas left over in the back of my freezer at any given moment so I toss those on top as well. sliced yellow onions and minced garlic , salt and pepper ...pop her in the oven and you're ready for a really kid friendly Pizza . Oh yeah , if you just have a smidge of Ketchup left , decorate your pizza with a smiley face , scribbles , whatever !

Veggie Delight
Like I said ,I can always find partially used bags of frozen veggies in my freezer. Maybe you also have some canned veggies about to reach their expiration. Throw all veggies ( frozen not boiled) on top of the pizza . Top with a good strong cheese like an Italian blend and maybe a little Feta or goat cheese , veggies that are out of site are also out of mind. You can also add left over meats like Turkey or Chicken . Grlic , Salt and Pepper to taste.


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