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Friday, July 17, 2009

My "New" pantry and Grocery shopping

Isn't it GREAT to have an organized pantry ? I feel like I can cook so much "better" now that nothing is hiding behind something else . We had company last night and I left my pantry door WIDE open to show off my organized shelves , my mom would be so proud. Her cupboards and pantry look like something out of Sleeping with the Enemy , ( did you see that movie?) I'd love my cupbords to look like Julia Roberts, with out the senseless beatings .

Now on to this weeks grocery shopping . The famer's market with the kids was out on Wednesday due to the excessive heat warnings ( 111 in the shade ) Don't let anyone tell you a dry heat is any better than a damp one, you'll drop of dehydration 10 times faster walking around in the dry , blazing sun as opposed to steaming in the humidity. I braved the elements solo, leaving hubby and kids in are frigid air conditioned house , and ventured out to Smiths and Albertsons. Smiths has their 5 off 10 sale , but due to the All You Grocery Challenge I had to reign myself in a bit .

I spent 25.94 at Smiths , mostly due to stocking up on Quaker Quakes , which my son loves and which were just .49/ea and Welches Jam ,which with my coupons and Mega Event Savings were .89 cents .

Albertson's didn't have much on sale but I did use my Fresh Express coupons on salad and got Free bananas ( 2lbs) for just 1.80 and got Tilapia and Swai ( A vietnamese catfish which is delicious , cooked it for dinner last night ) Both were on sale for 1.99 a pound , I got 3lbs total .
Sugar and Boxed Mashed , Juice for the baby ( not included in total ) , & potatos rounded out my order and I had 10% off coupon and a 2.00 survey coupon ..Total OOP was 4.95 .

Today it'll be a quick trip to Vons and Walgreens today to use up my RR before they expire .
How is your grocery challenge shopping going ??

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