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Monday, September 21, 2009

Discontinuing Bargain Recipes for 5 Dollar Dinners

Time is already in short order here in Poor Mom's house and I am taking on a new project , which leaves little time for the $5 Dinners weekly bargain recipe segment on the website. If you enjoy reading about inexpensive recipes I encourage you to visit and for your future bargain recipes .

You will , instead of bargain recipes be getting my stock up list . These are the "bargains" I will be shoppng for at my local grocery stores ( Smith's, Von's , Albertson's and soon Glazier's) I write out my lists and match coupons already , so it's NBD to post them here. If you already have a stockpile then these will be cheap or very inexpensive items you can add to your pantry .

As for my New Project ? I am happy to report I was selected to write for on local , Las Vegas Deals from the grocery store to entertainment . I will post the link to my page on as soon as they set up the link .

Thank you to all who read my little page here and I hope you will continue to read my articles and give your input to make this site even more useful for you !

If you are still looking for frugal meals and a simple , free way to plan and organize them please visitMeal Planning Made Simple


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