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Friday, September 18, 2009

Keep you hands to yourself

Mommy's little heart attack

What Mom hasn't used this phrase ? Unfortuneatly there must have been a few evidenced by the 'rash' of Stranger toddler beatings ( the most recent one in Ohio )where a much older woman put a toddler over her knee , beating the child's behind 3 times. ( makes me wonder what the heck mom was doing because as soon as someone even looked too long at my child they'ed be getting a boot to someplace really uncomfortable) That's not Quite as bad as the adult male who slapped a toddler across the face in a Walmart about a month back , but unless it's YOUR child , Poor Mom says keep your hands to your self . There, now you've all been told !

Seriously though , what on EARTH causes these people to think they are within their rights to hit a stranger , let alone a 3 foot tall one . I understand that the screaming toddler in the store is annoying . I remember a trip to target , that no matter how I tried to escape the ear shattering screams of this one particular little "brat" , it seemed that the only way I would be able to salvage my sanity or hearing that day would be to make a bee-line to the ear muff department . I did , after about 15 minutes of being chased around the store by a fleshy air raid siren , want to hit someone ; the mom though!

It's not that I don't believe in a spanking . I do . I was raised on them , and I was raised eventually with just the threat of them , and eventually i would stop in my tracks when about to embark upon some 'spankable" misadventure and recall the past spankings and weigh the potential fun of whatever action I was about to undertake and the subsequent spanking that would follow . The spanking won out every time , my parents were PROFESSIONAL spankers. I am not that avid a spanker , I reserve them like a out gunned soldier in a foxhole reserves his bullets " until he sees the whites of their eyes". My spankings are exclusively for the over 2 crowd ( namely my son ) when he does something dangerous or potentially life threatening. Run in the street ,spanking ; Jump up and down on the top landing of our stairs , spanking ; placing both hands over his 3 month old sisters face and shouting "GABI QUIET NOW !" , BIG Spanking ! I am trying to associate death with spanking , so if someone does leave a comment that I shouldn't spank , read this literature , ect.. just let me say I've read it and I'm spanking anyway because I do want to leave a lasting impression :)

The difference between me spanking my child and some random person spanking my child is that , it's MY child . I have the scars to testify ( and state law) that I ALONE reserve this right . I spank out of love , and nagging fear of death of my child at his own hand. Some random person spanks another's child out of anger and frustration , and frankly not enough guts to pick a fight with someone their own size .

By now you're probably wondering What the HECK this has to do with frugality , coupons , or saving money . Well I guess my only justification for this post is this , paying a lawyer is VERY expensive , so Keep your hands to yourself !


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