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Monday, February 8, 2010

Savings Angel Review

I've been testing and now reviewing Savings Angel for almost 30 days. I wish I could say Savings Angel was an invaluable service, but that wouldn't be true, at least for me. If you know nothing about couponing and live in the Midwest or Phoenix, you will probably be able to score some deals using Savings Angel with minimal effort. In exchange for this information you pay a hefty fee of $19.95 a month, plus whatever you pay for your Sunday Newspaper, plus an almost daily email encouraging you to share the opportunity with others and make money. If you're not interested in harassing your friends to join Savings Angel these emails can be rather annoying ( not to mention the phone calls) . Also , since I am trying to cancel my membership within the 30 day window , Savings Angel doesn't make it easy . You have to hunt around the site to find a non existant link to get your refund. I finally just emailed the customer service.
Also the "user agreement" you are supposed to read before signing up located here , doesn't have much info . Click the link and you'll see what I mean.
The biggest downer of this whole system is the hefty price tag for giving you information you could obtain from other similar sources for much less. So if you want to make money by passing on the Savings Angel opportunity , get it. There are many people who would spend ( what amonts to my usual weekly grocery bill) $19.95 to save $19.95 . If you are looking to save money and spend less try some alternative sites that cover grocery stores in your area. Jami
UPDATE : Still NO response about refund and cancellation of my account 2/9/10
UPDATE 2 : Full Refund into PayPal account and Subscription canceled ..late 2/9/10


  1. My friend sent me to your blog as I was thinking of signing up. As the economy has gotten worse and grocery prices seem to be increasing I was trying to find something to save as much as possible on my weekly grocery bill with two teenage children in the home....Do you have any alternate sites you could recommend?

  2. Maranda I operate which is a good place to learn how to coupon . pinching your pennies is a site similar to Savings angel , but free . Hopefully your store is included in their list. I will go out on a limb and say that every grocery store in America has someone blogging the deals, it's as simple as googling it . Good luck !


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