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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New From Big Crumbs

Do you use Big Crumbs yet ? If not this is a great time to sign yourself up. In addition to cash back shopping online Big Crumbs has rolled out their Pre-Paid Master Card. This is exciting news since card holders will receive

1. No Paypal Fees on money transfers on your Big Crumbs paydays

2. EXTRA Cash back at select merchants

3. Other cardholder benefits ( such as cash back while shopping offline? ) not immediately specified.

4. A FREE 25 dollar gift certificate for new card enrollees

I'm a member of Big Crumbs and Have gotten BIG cash back on my online purchases and exclusive shopping coupon codes on their website,. Signing up at Big Crumbs is Free and the card costs just $1.00 a month , but if you get regular paydays from Big Crumbs like I do then it will deffinitely pay for its' self. I have been looking for a prepaid card to get my husband and myself on a budget, and since payroll deposits to the card are free and there is no enrollemnt fee if you are looking to shop , save and budget this is deffinitely the card for you.


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