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Friday, January 16, 2009

Making a little extra money

Run , don't walk over to the PayPal website and get a PayPal debit card. Before you get that card make sure you sign up for a PayPal Money Market account as well . Why? Well because PayPal Money Market accounts will earn you 1.5% interest on all money in your PayPal account and a Debit Card through PayPal is free and will earn you 1.2% cash back on all your debit card purchases.
Sure 1.2 % isn't A LOT but if you paid all your regular household expenses with your PPal card , which we'll say is $2000.00 a month , you could earn $24.00 every month . Move that $24.00 every month into your PayPal Money Market account and you could be earning around $300.00 in one year , which is a car payment , a month's worth of groceries, or money for new school clothes.

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