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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poor Mom Shopping List

Right now I'm going through the weekly grocery store fliers so that I can Price match at my local Super Walmart. When you price match at Walmart save yourself time and hassle by organizing your desired purchse and identifying which store has the lowest prices . Write it all down , find any coupons to lower your cost even further and make note of it on the shopping list. Be sure to bring in the actual or copied flier ( sometimes they want to see it ) . I like to letter the pages in each flier and put the coresponding page letter next to the store's price on the shopping list ( you'll get less stink eye from the cashier and huffing and puffing from customers in line behind you .)
My first price matching trip was a near disaster . The cashier looked like she was about to implode and the woman behind me jingling her jewelry and tap, tap, taping her foot . I politely asked her if there was something the matter , because now I had had enough too of her passive aggressive "complaining" . "You're taking toooooo long " she said looking smug . I ever so politely told her if she'd like to cover my $80.00 savings today I'd be MORE than HAPPY to ring everything up at retail :) She stoped taping REAL QUICK !
So if you want to price match take my advice and get organized , for your sake !
Feel free to use the same shopping list I do and redistribute it to anyone who wants to save money too !

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