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Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 frugal things to do with an old sock

I have a pile of old, mismatched socks . Aside from just wearing two mismatched socks ( which I have been guilty of doing between laundry days ) there are a couple of frugal things you can do with your singleton socks, aside from being a fashion disaster.

1. Do you have one of those telescoping cleaning wands ( this works on Swiffer and Mr. Clean floor mops and shower cleaning wands) Put Dh's old sock on the business end of the device , dampen and wipe down shower walls, then spray walls with your cleaning solution ( I use vinegar and water for my son's bath to avoid nasty chemicals) . Use the sock covered end to easily reach high and low in your shower. When you're done just rinse the sock and toss in the laundry . I put a big black X on the sock to mark it as a cleaning supply.

2. Don't have a fancy sweeper for your fans or high to reach places , no telescoping tools either ? Not to worry, take a wire hanger , twist around the handle of a mop or broom. bend the hanging end into the shape you need and place in the sock. If you need the sock to be bulkier just stuff with a couple other straggling socks. If your hanger starts slipping place a rubber band under the hanger on the broom handle.

3. Last but not least turn your sock into a blind's duster . Just slip over a hand , spray with duster and grip both sides of the individual blind . More efficient than a duster and makes short order of cleaning the blinds.


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