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Monday, March 30, 2009

5 Easy Chicken Recipe's with Desserts and Side dishes

Have I mentioned that I love Betty Crocker ? I search the site at least 2 times a week for quick , easy and delicious meals that match up with my growing Betty Crocker stockpile. I also subscribe to the newsletter and have gotten very valuable coupon books in the mail that have helped me grow my stockpile as well . Some of my favorite Betty Crocker dinners are the new All Natural meal starters like Beef Stroganoff from Hamburger Helper ( Delicious with frozen peas and sliced fresh mushrooms) . In my weekly newsletter today there was a link with 5 mouth watering chicken recipes

Made with those rotisserie chickens ( you can make your own easily if it's less expensive for you, which it probably will be ) , they are quick and simple , which at almost 9 months pregnant I really appreciate . They also come with easy dessert ideas .

Signing up for Betty Crocker Special Offers on the website is HIGHLY recommended . I have been registered with them for months and have never been spamed , I feel my personal info is very safe with them . So if you are looking for a way to quickly and easily find a recipe, store a recipe, or try out something new all while matching up valuable Betty Crocker Coupons to your dinner than head on over to too .

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