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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheap Vs Thrifty

Since my 15 minutes of fame yesterday a couple of people have commented , light heartedly of course, about being the queen of cheap ... "but i'm not cheap ". I replied " well what's with all the coupons " was the reply . "That's not cheap" , I explained , "that's THRIFTY ".

The difference , at least to me , between Cheap ( as in Cheap-skate) and Thrifty ( as in Smart shopper) is this ..If it's not good enough for me than it's not good enough for you either. I don't shop thriftily because I want to short change anyone, least of all myself and my family . Why would I pay MORE for something when I could pay less ( or nothing , I love nothing) . If I was to give away money it most certainly would not be to some corporate entity.

What do think the difference between cheap and thrifty is ??

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Like i said above , If it's not good enough for me it's not good enough for my readers either !

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