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Monday, March 16, 2009

Meal Plans

All Dinners Serve 4 unless otherwise noted

All Herbs and Spices purchased through Wildtree Herbs marked *

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Monday: ( Vons)

Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken *

Foster Farms Whole chicken ( .99/lb)
1/2 a 2lb Bag Eating Right Baby Carrots ( print .50 off coupon at
4 medium Potato ( from Your stock )
Lemon Rosemary Seasoning Blend *

Coat outside of chicken with butter or Garlic Grapeseed Oil *
Sprinkle a generous amount of Lemon Roemary seasoning * ontop
Place carots and cubed potatos around chicken in oven safe pan
Sprinkle veggies with salt and pepper to taste
Bake at 425 until chicken reaches an internal temp of
Stir vegetables every 20 minutes while cooking .

Tuesday: Corned Beef
See Recipe in Previous Posting

Wednesday :
Sausage Roll Ups

Farmer John Sausage ( 1.00/ Pack Vons)
Betty Crocker 110 Calorie Biscuits (
Kraft Mack and Cheese (.49 Vons)
Green Giant Peas ( On Sale for Frozen Food Month combine with any coupons)

Cook farmer John Sausage according to directions cool and drain
remove rolls from package and "smoosh" individual rolls until they form Patty about 4 in in diameter
wrap sausage links in each roll
Heat oven to 400 degrees and cook 11-13 minutes
Cook Veggies and Mac & Cheese according to package instructions
Make fun dips with a little mayo or Use Ranch Dressing to dip the roll - ups

Quick Quiche
1 Package Betty Crocker Julienne Potatoes ( 1.00 from stock)
1 package Sargento Shreaded Cheese ( $2.50 - 1.00 Sargento coupon online)
6 eggs ( .97 Vons)
1 package of cut spinach (1.00 from stock)

Cook and drain spinach ( squeeze out excess moisture)
cook BC potatoes according to package directions
beat 6 eggs and 2 tablespoons milk ( if desired)

add spinach , cheese , potatoes to beaten eggs .
Place in a pan that can go from stovetop to oven
cook on stove top , medium flame until just the top is still slightly runny
finish in oven at 375 until top is cooked .

Serve with a bagged salad if desired ( 1.50 @Vons)

Friday ( lenten meal)

Fish Tacos

Gortons Fish ( on sale 2.49 @ Vonsw/coupon)
Taco Seasoning *
1 Head Cabbage ( Shreaded) ( .39)
Sargento Cheese mexican blend ( 1.50)
1 package flour tacos (.79)

follow gortons oven cooking instructions Before placing in oven brush fish sticks with a little oil and sprinkle lightly with taco blend *
When Fish is almost cooked warm tortillas in microwave ( wrap ina a damp kitchen towel and microwave for 40 seconds)

(ou can make a quick topping for your tacos with some mayo 1/4 cup and 2 teaspoons taco seasoning mixed together or a jar of Salsa)

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