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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Albertson's Value Recipes

Albertson's for 4/1/09

Albertson's has some good deals this week .

Firstly I'd like to bring up their promo , where you buy an Albertson's gift card ( $300 is your minimum best deal ) You'll earn an immediate 10% cash back . If you use the gift card as your sole source of payment , and my gift card will last a year at albertson's the way I spend , or don't spend that is . I can mentally deduct 10% from my purchases as long as I'm using that gift card to pay for my groceries . But Wait !! I can hear groans already about having to plop down 300 in one store ... Go on and buy a Visa Gift Card with your Albertson's Gift Card and spread that amount out across other stores where you shop !

Ok now that I've shown you how to beat the system, on to the deals .

*Kellog's Cereal = Free Milk .

I already stocked up on the Max amount of Free Milk Last Week , but we go through alot of cereal in my house ( I love it for snacks) and I'll probably max out again this week , especially because Kellogs coupons have been reloaded at ( click my link in the side bar to print new coupons at

Pop tarts 1.50 c/ card ( print .55 cent coupon at .95 oop

( you can print this coupon twice)

Mangos : 3 for 99 cents We love mangos in my household and I make a Yummy frozen Mango Ice cream Cake with them , tricking the kiddos into eating some fruit !

LLyod's BBQ Tubs ( for a $1.00 printable coupon) $2.99 OOP

Promise or i can't believe it's not butter B1G1 Free ( you may have a coupon from a March Sunday ad like me for .55 off 1

*Betty Crocker Mixes and Frosting ( .80 when you mix and match ten) Go to to print coupons .

* = Stock up Now !

Value Recipe

How about an easy Italian Skillet this week ?

You'll need Johnsonville italian Sausage ( 3.99 c/ card $2.66 for 4 sausage you'll need)

2 Italian Squash (.99 cents)

1 pack barilla Pasta penne ( 1.00)

Butter ( from your Pantry)

Chopped Garlic 3 cloves ( from your pantry)

Dry Italian Seasoning ( 1 teaspoon) From your pantry

Decase sausage meat ( 4 links worth ) and brown in a skillet ( drain grease )

Boil Pasta according to package directions and sliced round Italian Squash at the same time

Add Garlic and 1/2 stick's worth of butter , italian seasoning to browned sausage cook for one minute or until garlic is softened and butter totally melted . toss in drained pasta , add salt , pepper and romano cheese to taste)

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