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Monday, June 29, 2009

Saving Money without Clipping Coupons

So many people comment online or at my coupon semminars that they want to save money at the grocery store but DO NOT want to spend time clipping and sorting coupons. So I have come up with my clip free coupon plan :

Join Cell Fire and at the begining of the month load coupons onto your grocery store club card ( oh yeah be sure to sign up for those cards First :)

Join PayPal and apply for the PayPal Debit Card . You'll earn 1% cash back on all your grocery purchases

Stock up when the items are cheap , make sure you wont run out when they are at their highest price and be 'forced" to pay more.

Buy grocery gift cards ( try our gift card mall at ) when the grocery store is running a promotion. I got 10% extra loaded onto my Albertson's card a few months back so that means I automatically SAVED 10% off my groceries.

Watch the store fliers and shop and plan your meals according to what's on sale.

Avoid the Dollar Store and Bulk food clubs for MOST of your products. Don't be fooled by the Big sizes or dollar price tag. Many things like pastas are FAR cheaper in the grocery store when they go on sale. My Smiths runs a "case Pack" sale 2 times a year and this last time was just .49 a box . Be sure you compare prices ( per oz, lb, or unit) before you make a purchase from the Bulk food outlets.

Buy in season , or better yet buy frozen In most cases the frozen fruits and veggies are EQUALLY as nutritious as their fresh counter parts.

Do grab coupons from the Blinkie machines and make a quick run down the liquor aisle for peelie coupons . DO'NT feel obligated to use the coupons if you don't really need or want the item or it is not currently on sale. Put a small envelope in your purse and write on the outside of the envelope the coupons that are inside . When the item goes on sale and you remove the coupon , just cross it off .

Buy generic if the price is better and the quality the same . Instead of "mixes" make your own . Buying a 1lb bag of parboiled rice and adding seasonings is far cheaper than buying prepared sides .

You probably WONT be getting many Free items with this method but you will be saving at least 50% off the average grocery shoppers bill. If you have a couple more minutes to devote to saving money then .......

If you think you MIGHT use coupons , but dont want to spend an hour or two a week matching up and finding freebies then just keep your coupon inserts in their entirety . Get a 2 pocket folder and place a sticky note on the insert listing what brands can be found inside . Clip the coupon in store if/ when you are going to use it . Toss the rest .

If you have 10 minutes and your grocery list ....go to websites like A Full Cup and use the coupon generator to find printable coupons for the items you plan on buying. You can always download our tool bar ( where you can search multiple coupon sites and manufacturer's websites for current coupons to print. You can also buy pre clipped coupons on sites like Ebay for things you buy frequently like milk, diapers, and bread .


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