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Thursday, July 9, 2009

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I'm excited ( near estatic) that a new grocery store , Glazier's Food Marketplace, is opening near my home. Why the excitement you might be wondering , when there are 4 seperate multinational food chain stores within a 1.5 mile radius of my house ? The excitement stems from the fact that Glazier's is NOT a multinational chain , it's ( sigh) an independent grocery store.

Growing up in Central New York we had, in my opinion , the King of Independent grocery stores , Wegmans. If you haven't had the good fortune of shopping in a Wegmans , then sorry, but you have never grocery shopped . Wegman's is devoid of the harsh lighting , doppleganger layout, incompetant staff, and low grade store brands you find with some of the bigger groceries. Wegmans does everything right ! Wether you're running in for a bottle of wine or shopping for a family of 10 you'll get everything you need and nothing you don't ( like bad service, exasperatingly long lines, or poor selection) . I'm sincerely hoping Glazier's will be HALF as good as Wegman's is.

In honor of Wegman's my bargain meal is pulled straight from their website . It's delicious with both Chicken and Pork and is great for grilling out . Try marinating pork ribs 24 hours and throwing them on the grill with this recipe for any summer gathering and , trust me , everyone will rave .

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