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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family vacation on the cheap

Before anyone freaks out ..I am changing the look , again of this site and the main site . So bear with me please .

Now the Family Vacation on the really , really cheap.

I know alot of you aren't vacationing this year due to the economy . Vacations can be expensive , upwards of 1000 for just a long weekend when you include food, hotel and airfare. But If you can get $500 together I can show you how to take a long weekend vacation for 4 for right around $500 ( or less). The one caveat is that both you and your husband ( partner) must have volunteered 8 hours each this past year ....

The Sage Hospitality group ( I'm going to use Fairfield Inns, one of their most family friendly properties as an example) are offering 1 free night for 8 hours of volunteer service . So you and your S.O. will each book 2 nights for free. Must be booked by July 20th .

Next You'll RUN ( because the opportunity is over today) for S.W. airlines 30,60, 90 deals . I would book my flight first to be sure it's available.

Look on the map and find a location within 400 miles of the airport you'll be leaving from and you'll pay about $70 ( including taxes ) per person round trip. Children under 2 fly free on your lap.

You'll book your flight through Big Crumbs and get cash back too !

Hopefuuly you bought gift certificate packs from for you and hubby at 80 % off, if not go there and find 2 restaurants you'd like to go to for dinner in your destination city. You'll bring cereal, snacks and condiments as you'll be making breakfast and lunch in your don't need to eat out for every meal.

Find places to visit and allot 80.00 for tickets.

Here's an example of my family's mini vacation to San Diego

1st we'd drive to San Diego .. it's cheaper, normally BUT I can get the SW deal , 2 tickets to the san diego zoo and rental car for $529.00- 4.5% from Big Crumbs and Pay for it with my Pay Pal debit card 1.35 cash back .

We'd spend 2 days on the beach Free

Walk around old town , get some Ice Cream 10.00

Go to the San Diego Zoo ( price included and we'd bring snacks and drinks)

Food ( breakfast and lunch not included ) $50.00

We'd book one extra night ( with my husband's discount $99) at cortyard suites ( included in the promotion)

Total vacation cost

529 -5.7 % cash back $479.00

479 +




-1.9 % Pay Pal Cash back

629.00 for a 4 day 3 night vacation for a family of 4 !

you could deduct $99 for the extra night and 40.00 for the San Diego Zoo tickets for a total of approx $490 for a 3 day 2 night vacation .

Do you have some cheap long weekend vacation scenarios ? Let us know !


1 comment:

  1. oh dont you love old town san diego :D i live here!!! lol


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