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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Budget

Ok So I am finally , in light of the All You grocery Challenge , going to take things one step further and post my monthly budget . This is our household budget for the month of July, the numbers will change as the data comes in ( i.e. as we spend money ) . How does my budget compare to yours ?

Putting the numbers in my household expenses ( see mortgage payment) are absurd and i'm going to start looking into ways to lower that payment . We are currently in the Green ( black ) for this month but things vary , like our actual income and our actual expenses . Some numbers that aren't in the spreadsheet come directly out of my hubby's check such as IRA and Insurance . The income is the after tax and deductions number.

I'll keep posting the budget to see if we can lower our expenses further and possibly save more. Because my husband might not like it , I'm going to show you our savings starting from this month ( not including the amount already in savings ) ...So without further adooo (sp ?)

If you'd like to get this Household Expense spreadsheet free you can obtain one for yourself at the link above as well.


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