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Monday, August 17, 2009

Going back to school healthier

I'm not one to expound on the benefits of something , especially when it concerns kids health . I have been doing a little research on the subject of immunity and some natural prevention of illness. We have all heard about antibiotic resistance ( MRSA and VRSA , VRSA being the worst of the 2 super bugs) There is no single antibiotic that treats VRSA approved by the FDA , but did you know that one little cup of Stoneyfield yogurt a day could help treat or prevent these super bugs ? Why stoneyfield yogurt as opposed to yoplait or dannon ..the reason is this SUPER probiotic called Lactobacillus rhamnosus. This beneficial bacteria ( it can become a pathogen in certain circumstances so always ask your doctor for children especially with immune or intestinal problems) has been proven in 4 short weeks to remove VRSA from the intestines of infected individuals . See the Medical Study . Months of treatment with very strong antibiotics sometimes won't cure this super infection .

Now , of course there are tons of Stonefield yogurt coupons and there may be other brands that contain this probiotic ( if you come across some please let us all know in the comment section), but for a few bucks , maybe even a few bucks extra isn't it worth it to give our kids something that could prevent them from getting really sick ? Aside from clearing VRSA it increases phagocytosis , which is in important response of our immune system to invading pathogens ( basically gobbles pathogens up , and "shows" the pathogen to other types of immune cells so the body knows what response to launch) . more phagocyte activity = a better immune response.

So go over to Stoney Field Farms and do a little research yourself and print out some coupons . Here is the link to their information on the probiotics in their yogurt products :


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