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Monday, September 28, 2009

Glazier's Food Marketplace, Now Open !

Somehow the Grand opening of Glazier's Food Marketplace slipped under Poor Mom's radar ( I was really busy this week) . I am very excited about the prospect of a independent grocery store finally making it's way to the Vegas valley . I've called the store to get a low down on the sales and coupon policy . Very sadly I must report that they
1. do not price match
2. DO accept manufacturer's coupons ( not sure on printables)
3. and once again , they do NOT Double coupons .

I am going to write the management of Glazier's Food Marketplace, and suggest that if they really want to have a monopoly here in Vegas, that they consider having some sort of promotion to make them stand above the big chain supermarkets.Double coupons would CERTAINLY get my attention and the attention of my fellow couponers. Double ads ( like a Sunflower Market where Wednesday ads overlap , giving consumers double the savings). Poor Mom is also hoping that Glazier's will offer a rewards program and some Glazier's coupons would be great as well.

I'm hoping that someone will take the views of frugal shoppers into consideration , and in this economy many people are becoming more frugal. Once the masses associate the Glazier's name with high prices or low prices , that will stick and become their "rep" among shoppers . I'm sure they want the "rep" that brings the MOST people through their doors.

I will be making my way to Glazier's Thursday to scope out the deals , shoot some cell phone pics , and give you the 411 on what I find . Check back and see if Glaziers is truly a hit or miss for Las Vegas.



  1. I just love this new market, this is what Vegas has been needing for quite some time. The quality of the products and the affordability is unattainable by any other markets out here. The bakery is five star, with items that no others can compare to. As for double coupons, nobody out here does that so if the prices are right, thats not an issue for me. The fruits and veggies are also #1, on price and quality...I will no longer be shopping at Walmart

  2. Really !!! Oh you're making me even more excited to do my full review ! I read the isles are super wide, more convenient for us couponers !

  3. If you want great prices on Produce, nobody in Vegas beats Sunflower Farmers Market. Tie that in with double ad day on Wednesdays, as PoorMom mentioned, and you will always have a great day of savings!

  4. hi there, just wanted to let you know Glaziers bakery now carries 7 different varieties of filled cupcakes, they are out of sight!!!! and mostly everything is baked from scratch, not shipped frozen to them like the other markets in town...


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