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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glazier's Food Marketplace Sales Flier

I Have Been to the Promised Land !
OK , so it was just Glazier's Food Marketplace but I must say , I was very impressed !
Unlike their, bigger, bulkier, and almost across the board pricer chain counterparts , Glazier's was like a trip through grocery Nirvana. The aisles , very wide , a couponers paradise. The staff, so friendly I thought they might be "on Something", and produce so fresh I was looking for the famer, really.

Over all I recommend them . Just a couple things to make glazier's a shopper's true BFF .

1. The rewards program : COME ON PEOPLE , in this day and age you need the plastic thing a ma bob and the rewards dohickey and oh yeah a sale sheet on line ! Seriously , take a picture and post it on your website , i don't need a Flash version, it's NOT that Hard .

2. Make the basics more competative: Eggs, Milk , bread and General Mills Cereal ( all other cereals were well priced) made me cringe .

3. Don't call the meat department the "Sausage Factory" , unless you want someone to take a picture of that and send it to Jay Leno ! Seriously there is a huge "Sausage Factory" neon sign , I LOL.

4. Get a Pharmacy . Everyone and their brother has a pharmacy now a days and I suggest if they want to compete with the big boys , they get one too . They could put it in the Football Stadium sized Paper towel area . You could literally park 2 Mac trucks in there.

Now what I LOVED

Order and Pick up your deli meat . No waiting in line folks, use the kiosk to order and come back to pick up your cuts ! Super easy.

Freshness, Variety and Price of Produce . They are giving China's best friend Walmart a run for their money !

The food court : I am sooo holding my coupon classes and meetups there !

The staff : unnaturally friendly and very helpful

The freebie coupons . I got apple juice, apple pie, lettuce and ketschup free with their in ad coupons, SCORE !

Now for the ad ( needs some major improvements and not all deals I found in store are in the ad)

Pepsi Brand 12pk 3/$8
Cheetos/ Fritos 3/$4
Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast $1.88/lb
Black Canyon Angus Top Sirloin Steak $2.98/lb
Bone In Chuck Steak or 7 Bone Roast $1.88/lb
26-30ct raw White Shrimp $4.98/lb
Atlantic Salmon fillets $6.88/lb
Boar's Head Deluxe ham $6.94/lb
New crop Apples Grn Sm, Gala, Golden , Red Del. 2lbs/.98
Honeydew, pureheart watermelon , cantalope $1.98 ea.
8ox pk. White Mushrooms .98
Green Bell Peppers .56/lb
Zucchini Squash .58/lb
Jumbo Yellow Onion .26/lb
10lb bag russet Potatoes $1.68 \new Crop Red Rose Potatoes 3lbs/.99
free Apple Pie
Free Smithfield Ketschup
Free Smithfield apple Juice
and Free Green Giant head Iceburg lettuce

( a couple deli Items are missing as i tore off coupons for my freebies ..duh ! )

Book mark this page next week to see the new ad !


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