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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glazier's Food Marketplace cares about YOUR opinion, really !

It seems that someone at Glazier's is following my blog, the Director of Operations Randy Kersten. I received a email apologizing for the negative experience I had at Glazier's last week. I must say I was taken by surprise, as I did not expect any response let alone a 2 page letter of apology and explanation of Glazier's policies etc.. It seems Mr. Kersten has been following this blog for a while and was disheartened to read a negative review of his store, and sincerely requested my input into how Glazier's could improve, going so far as to give his personal cell phone number.

Ok, Poor Mom was impressed and will give Glaziers another shot. I responded to Mr.Kersten's letter with a few suggestions for how Glazier's could stand out from the Goliath chain supermarkets in Las Vegas and give my readers a true value for their grocery dollars. My suggestions were
1. To obviously better train the cashiers on how to handle coupons. Wouldn't it be nice to be treated like every other customer for a change and not some 3 headed anomaly.
2. Get some better promotions (most of these are sponsored by the manufacturers) possibly Catalina machines which are the norm in all supermarkets.
3. Bring prices in line with the larger chains across the board. Keep those super low prices on their Produce, meat and name brand deli.
4. And the Coup de Gras, double and triple coupons. I'd drive (and have driven) to stores in neighboring states to get some great deals on items for my stockpile. How FANTASTIC would it be to have a supermarket in town that doubled or even tripled some coupons !

There were other suggestions but these are key,I think, to getting and keeping customers shopping at Glazier's . I think/hope Mr. Kersten will take and implement these suggestions so that all Vegas Shoppers can have a uniquely positive and money saving experience at Glazier's Food Marketplace. Check back next week for Glazier's sales flier and money saving recipe links (new addition)based upon their sale flier.


1 comment:

  1. Wow.. this is very impressive!!
    PS: The suggestion #1 is key for me.. some cashiers treat us well.. yet there are still some cashiers in certain stores that always give us that look "Oh here she is again..". We do not do anything illegal.. we are just trying to be smart with the way we shop! So yes it would be nice to be treated like every other customer.


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