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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I am NOT Shopping at Glazier's Food Marketplace this week

Let me preface this article by saying I had such HIGH hopes for Glazier's Food Marketplace, I even gave them a nauseatingly sweet review. I was a little in love with the possibilities an independent grocer could bring to the market here in Las Vegas. I feel a bit like a woman scorned, and we all know hell hath no fury ....
Here's what happened.
Last week I went on my ususal Glazier's shopping trip. Planed out my $25.00 purchase , sorted through my coupons, clipped Glazier's coupons for my freebies. I did my shopping and hauled my cart full to the cashier. Now is where we encounter my problems.
1. Subtotal before coupons $25.86 - $10.00 in MC Coupons=$15.86 . Cashier proceeds to look confused as she gets to the Glazier's coupons for their 4 freebies. "You have to spend $25 she tells me." "I did" I proceed to explain. "I will pay for it with 10.88 in cash and the rest coupons" She proceeds to call over the front end manager who states that it is Glaziers policy for the total to be $25 after coupons , but since she can not show me where it states that, she goes ahead with the 4 Glazier's coupons.
2. She gets to the Glazier's coupon for a Free Bag of Fresh Express salad. She starts rifling through my bags and declares that I only have 1 purchased. Again the front end manager is called over and the issue is using 2 coupons (one store and one MC on the same item) After explaining that I am using a MC and a Store coupon, or trying to explain she looked like I was speaking to her in Swahili. She goes to the manager for clarification. When she returns she states " We're not honoring our coupon unless you get another bag of salad. I asked why and she said the manager stated no one walks out of the store with free items . REALLY, well than I guess I won't be walking back INTO this store for a while. She tries telling me I couldn't do this at any other store and I start laughing, obviously she doesn't read my blog. I do that ALL the time, in fact I routinely pay tax only on my purchases. She rolled her eyes, like maybe I should continue to shop in fantasy land !

Now I'm going to be fair here. If you want to drive to Glazier's one location in Las Vegas and take full advantage of their dirt cheap produce and meat sales, Poor Mom won't hold it against you. In fact in a month or two I'll probably break down and do the same, the cheapskate wins out every time! If you want to get some good COUPON deals, however, Skip It. Their sale prices on Name brand items you could combo with coupons are not good compared to Smith's or Albertson's (rarely Von's)Sales and their generics are on average only 5% cheaper than the name brands !?!

So with high hopes dashed, a word to the wise Vegas couponer is to *sniff* leave your coupons at home if you're going to Glazier's.


  1. LOL I have never been to that particular store.. but I have met a cashier just like that at my favorite CVS.. she always had a problem with my freebies. :) Sorry you had a bad experience.

  2. Thanks for LAUGHING at my tragedy Anya ;), seriously sooo sad about Glazier's not living up to my expectations. Ce'st la Vie Right ! I have my own CVS Gem of a cashier, accused me of stealing a rain check for for .99 pens during their back to school specials ...sweetie if I was going to steal a rain check form , it woldnt be for .99 measly cents. Seriously sometimes the cashiers act like we're taking money out of their wallet !


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