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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Little Monster- Freebie Inside

Mikey , Pre- Monster

Do you have a little monster, I do . He stands about 3 feet tall , weighs around 31 lbs and is 2 and a half . There is no more frightening beast than our little monster and he bears his fangs and claws at least 20 times daily . Kicking screaming, throwing and the ever annoying whine are all too common in my house. My husband and I are scratching our heads, wondering what happened to our sweet and cuddly baby who never cried, slept 12 hours a night pretty much from the start and cried so infrequently we would actually be concerned when he did.

In 2010 I have decided to be a chart person, I see all these charts at friends' homes and I think they are nice visual reminders to do things, or in the case of our little monster to act a certain way . So in my hunt for charts to help the little monster and myself I came across a site chock full of these handy and free visual reminders HERE at In fact I love this site so much I am Awarding it my new award ( isn't it fun to have your own blog and dole out awards as you see fit ) The Poor Mom Enrichment Award , for websites that save Moms Time , Sanity and Money . This site is deffinitely a Time and Sanity Saver !

Everything from Behaviour, to feelings, to chore charts are available as well as free advice on how to properly implement them. So if you, like me, are ripping your hair out over bad behaviour or just want to start 2010 out more organized with a sleek new chart system give this website a try.

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