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Friday, January 1, 2010

Learning to FLY ! No more CHAOS in 2010

Do you know someone that is super organized, from their coupon files to their well stocked pantry, everything is always in it's place and their sink is always sparkley clean ? I don't, but in 2010 I want to be THAT person. I am always amazed at people who have it all together and in 2010 , I plan on being one of them .

The first area of my life I need to address is the house. It's not a disaster, at least to the naked eye, but you could go into any room and find at least 20 things that don't belong there. For example I had friends over for a Kiddie New Years party/Playdate and after all the fun was over I noticed, to my embarassment, 2 pairs of DH UNDERWEAR were on the arm of the lounge chair in my livingroom ! They were clean but somehow didn't quite make it into the laundry basket the rest of my folded clothes made it into ..oooops .

I am tired of the CHAOS , "can't have anyone over syndrome" . If someone just showed up on my doorstep on any given day I would be embarassed . No more. I came across a plan , not just an idea of a plan but a step by step plan to be more organized, neater, and less stressed in 2010 and it's called FlyLady . Marla Cilley , aka THE Fly Lady used to have CHAOS , but she found a way to get it together and after 10 plus years in CHAOS recovery she is passing on her very smart tips in a daily step by step email series to get the rest of us into CHAOS recovery as well.

I can only compare Fly Lady to Weight Watchers for the disorganized. It is a little instruction and a whole lot of support. You will actually have people cheering because your kitchen sink is clean "that's the first step to cutting the "CHAOS'. So if you want to grow wings in 2010 and fly above the clutter and disorganization flutter over and join FlyLady today !

Happy New Year


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